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01_02_11 - Be Killing Sin, or Sin Will Be Killing You (26).mp3
01_09_11 - Jesus and Paul on Divorce and Remarriage_ Part One (27).mp3
01_16_11 - Jesus and Paul on Divorce and Remarriage_ Part Two (28).mp3
01_23_11 - Treasure in Heaven and the Deceitfulness of Riches (29).mp3
01_30_11 - The Radical Call to Serve Others as Jesus Serves You (30).mp3
02_06_11 - Persistent Prayer The Healing Power of God (31).mp3
02_13_11 - AndyEdwards_Acts 1_1-8.mp3
02_20_11 - Experiencing the Love of God_ The Cure for Spiritual Burnout_.mp3
02_27_11 - Who is this _Jesus__ Messianic King, Enemy of Religion, Healer of the Sick (32).mp3
03_06_11 - Figs, Fakery, and Faith (33).mp3
03_13_11 - JJSeid_When He Returns.mp3
03_20_11 - Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and the Mystery of Suffering and Sovereignty.mp3
03_27_11 - Who Is Jesus_ Revisited (34).mp3
04_03_11 - Honor Caesar, but Worship God (35).mp3
04_10_11- AndyEdwards_The Effects of the Gospel.mp3
04_17_11- WillThereBeSexInHeaven (36).mp3
04_24_11- ExperiencingThePowerOfChristsResurrection.mp3
05_01_11- ILoveYouLord (37).mp3
05_08_11- WhoIsMyNeighbor (38).mp3
05_15_11- WhenJesusAsksYouTheQuestion (39).mp3
05_22_11- JoshKouri.mp3
05_29_11- TriumphantTrust.mp3
06_05_11- TheTempleIsRazed (40).mp3
06_12_11- TheTempleIsRazedPartTwo (41).mp3
06_19_11- UnashamedExtravagantAffection (42).mp3
06_26_11- TomBall_TheCharacterOfFaith.mp3
07_03_11- ChristOurPassoverLamb (43).mp3
07_10_11- JesusInGethsemane (44).mp3
07_17_11- KissOfBetrayal (45).mp3
07_24_11- TruthOnTrial (46).mp3
07_31_11- TheLook (47).mp3
08_07_11- AndyEdwards_RiseUpAndWalk.mp3
08_07_11- StudyNotesActs3.pdf
08_14_11- JesusWhoDiedForJesus (48).mp3
08_21_11- SevenStunningSins (49).mp3
08_28_11- The Obscenity of the Cross (50).mp3
09_04_11- The Cross and the Cry of Abandonment (51).mp3
09_11_11- The Burial of Jesus Proof of Death and Prelude to Life (52).mp3
09_18_11- I've Staked My Life on an Empty Tomb (53).mp3
09_25_11- Be Anxious for Nothing!.mp3
10_02_11- JJSeid_Confession, Communion, Community.mp3
10_09_11- Part 1 - NOTES.pdf
10_09_11- Part 1 - The Biblical Blessing of Covenant Membership in the Local Church.mp3
10_16_11- Part 2 - NOTES.pdf
10_16_11- Part 2 - The Biblical Blessing of Covenant Membership in the Local Church.mp3
10_23_11- Experiencing the Grace and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (1).mp3
10_30_11- Revelatory Gifts All For the Common Good (2).mp3
11_06_11- Faith, Healing, and Miracles A Trio of Misunderstood Gifts (3).mp3
11_13_11- What is Baptism in the Spirit and When does it Happen (4).mp3
11_20_11- AndyEdwards_Acts 4.mp3
11_27_11- Spiritual Medicine for what Ails the Body (5).mp3
12_04_11- Love as a Way of Life Putting Spiritual Gifts in Perspective (6).mp3
12_11_11- When the Perfect Comes The Ever-Increasing Joy of Heaven (7).mp3
12_18_11- Worship in Spirit and Truth (8).mp3
12_24_11- The Tiumphant Glory of God's Amazing Grace.mp3